Shuttle into Winter Bliss: Engage Sports' Winter Badminton Camp

December 20, 2023/Posted by Engage Sports/Updated : December 25, 2023
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Staying healthy and energetic all year is important for all. Engaging in sports is the best way to stay active and energetic. It also helps to maintain your fitness. This winter season, Engage Sports is conducting a winter camp for ladies, children, and adults. Sure, after completing the camp, badminton will be a part of your life and make you a better person.

This winter camp at Engage Sports gives an outlet to socialize, helps to meet new friends, and opens a new world to the people. Our camp offers 2 hours special free training for ladies. It benefits you to learn more about badminton and how to play the game from trained and experienced professionals. If you like the training session, you can continue your play at our arena. Without wasting time by simply roaming outside, scrolling through social media and watching TV for hours, make your time for productive things and improve your health and fitness.

Specialties of Our Winter Badminton Camp

1. Free Training for Ladies

We offer 2 hours free training for ladies, in this session you can acquire skills from our experienced coaches. Learning and experiencing new things will improve your strength and confidence. So use this special offer to the maximum.

2. Skill-building Sessions

Our badminton camp is designed for all ages and all levels. Anyone who is a beginner aiming to grasp the fundamentals or a pro seeking to refine their techniques can join our camp. Our coaches conduct skill building sessions that cover everything from the basics and racket skills to strategic game play. You can expect personalized attention and a curriculum tailored to individual skill levels.

3. Friendly Tournaments

Winter camp at Engage Sports is not just a place for practice; it also improves coordination, a sense of community, and friendly competition. People can engage in friendly tournaments where they can showcase their newly acquired skills and experience the joy of healthy competition.

4. Fitness and Conditioning

Our winter badminton camp has dedicated fitness and conditioning sessions to enhance your performance. The participants who leave the camp will not only have improved badminton skills but also a high level of fitness that can benefit your game and your life.

5. Social Networking

It allows you to connect with likely minded people who share a passion for badminton. Engage Sports ensures that the off-court experience is as memorable as the on-court action.

These are our top specialties at the winter badminton camp. Engage Sports invites badminton enthusiasts to experience the joy and excitement of our Winter Badminton Camp. Participating in a sports camp will benefit you in many ways. Let's see how this winter camp will benefit.

Benefits You will Get from Our Winter Camp

1. Mental And Physical Health

Nowadays, the use of mobiles, tablets, gaming, and TV is very high among adults and children. Because of this, no one can interact with each other. Working people also have work stress and don’t spend time on workouts or sports activities. These things can lead to a lot of physical and mental problems. By participating in our winter camp, you can learn new skills and involve lots of physical activities. This will improve your mental and physical health by preventing obesity, increasing cardio fitness, and improving coordination. Meeting new people and interacting with them will make your mind happy. Ladies can use this camp because it is free for 2 hours.

2. Techniques and Skills

Sports camps greatly improve people’s skills. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, we have experienced coaches to train all levels of participants. You can acquire new skills and techniques from our coaches. Our winter camp also promotes communication and decision-making skills.

3. Self-esteem and Confidence

Self-esteem can teach children as well as adults how to cope with failure. Nowadays, parents teach children only to win, so they don't know how to deal with failure. Sports are the best way to experience failure and learn how to win. It will improve the confidence and self-esteem of your child. There are ladies who do everything but don't have self-confidence. They definitely join the camp and experience it; it will make you a more confident person after finishing the camp.

4. Tolerance and Cultural Ethic

These two things are very important for success in all aspects of life, including career, academics, and relationships. Our camp will help to develop these skills by following the instructions of the coaches and the rules of the game. Children’s can benefit from this in the classroom, and it also leads to academic success.

5. Reduce Social Media and Screens

According to statistics, ladies are spending more time on social networking than men worldwide. In children also have a high use of mobiles, and they are addicted to this. With increased use of social media and screens, you will become isolated from others, which will affect your mental and physical health. We have a special offer for ladies: 2 hours of free training from expert coaches. It will benefit you to socialize with new people, learn new skills, and reduce your overuse of social media and screens.

6. Helps Kids Develop Enthusiasm

Participating in sports events will develop kids' enthusiasm. Developing enthusiasm will help with their academic and personal success. Our winter camp has so many activities that make your kids energetic and sports enthusiasts.

7. Fun

With no pressure from studying, work, or other responsibilities, people can enjoy themselves and forget all their problems. Come and join our winter camp and have fun!

Participating in Engage Sports' Winter Badminton Camp promises a well-rounded and rewarding experience, catering to both the physical and social aspects of being a sports enthusiast. Create lasting memories through a combination of skill-building, competition, social interactions, and the enchanting ambiance of winter. Whether you're new and excited to learn or you've been playing for a while and want to improve, this camp is for you!!!

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Good courts and nice ambience... Lighting could be better.. air conditioning affects shuttle in some courts.. Air conditioning is poor during summer.


Ahmed Shabeer

Best place to hangout with your family or team members,best synthetic courts ,staffs are flexible and friendly.


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You have done a fabulous support during the requirement when bat string had break.


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Good place for batminton players. U need to book in advance to get the slot. After 10pm their charge is 35 aed only.


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Excellent facility for badminton 🏸 Mr. Younus guides u perfectly for buying racquets, shoes n other accessories.


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