Why Do Players Choose Kawasaki Shuttlecock the Most?

March 20, 2024/Posted by Engagesports/Updated : March 21, 2024
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Do you want to showcase good play on the court? You must have the right equipment to play. The right equipment will give you confidence and improve your performance. Many companies provide sports gear on the market. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, choosing the right equipment may be quite difficult. For badminton, a shuttlecock or birdie is the most important piece of gear. You heard about the Kawasaki shuttlecock, a popular and preferred shuttlecock among players. In this blog, we are discussing the Kawasaki shuttlecock. 

Not all shuttlecocks with high prices don’t provide the best performance on the court. Not all the low priced shuttlecocks provide good gameplay. This means price is not an important factor in determining a perfect shuttlecock. Let’s see how the Kawasaki shuttlecock is the most preferable choice for many players. The first one is in its features.

Features of Kawasaki Badminton Shuttlecock

Technology: The Kawasaki badminton shuttlecock is designed with advanced technology that offers a steady and predictable flight path. It also helps. The Kawasaki feathered shuttlecock is made with strong, thick, and high-quality real goose and duck features. It is attached with imported glue. The carefully crafted Kawasaki shuttlecock enhances the performance on the court.


Lightweight: The badminton game needs quick movement and rapid reactions. So the gear used for this game is also important. The lightweight feature of the Kawasaki shuttlecock enables you to execute a powerful smash or a delicate drop shot, and it also ensures consistency throughout the game.


Durability: It is not just designed for short-term use; it is engineered to deliver durability and precision on the court. The advanced materials and manufacturing techniques are used for long-term use and to reduce the replacement of shuttlecocks.


Sturdy and precise design: Precision is the key factor that is needed in badminton. So its gears also need precise design. The feathers in the Kawasaki shuttlecock are placed with precision, which also ensures the best performance and accuracy on the court.


Style: Kawasaki gears not only provide powerful performance but also offer stylish design. When you play with a Kawasaki shuttlecock, it adds a stylish look to your performance, and you can steal the focus of the audience. 


Value for money: It is available at competitive prices to afford all the badminton enthusiasts. It will be worth your money for long-term use. With the Kawasaki shuttlecock, you can showcase a powerful performance at an affordable price. 


These features make the Kawasaki shuttlecock the most preferable choice for many. There are many varieties of Kawasaki shuttlecocks for both beginners and experts. The main highlight of the Kawasaki shuttlecock 8E is its durability and speed, which are medium (77). Like other Kawasaki badminton shuttlecocks, this is also worth the money. You can choose it according to your style and level. 


At Engage Sports Super Store, they have a range of Kawasaki shuttlecocks inside their arena. You can choose any that fits your style and level by playing on our court. If you have any confusion or don't, which will perfectly suit you. You can get help from our expert professionals inside the store. They will guide you in choosing the perfect one. 



Kawasaki Feathered, Nylon, and Hybrid Shuttlecocks

Kawasaki shuttlecocks are available in feathered, nylon, and hybrid. A feathered shuttlecock is only made with high-quality feathers from geese and ducks. The nylon shuttlecock is made with nylon material, and the hybrid shuttlecock is a combination of both plastic and feather. 


Kawasaki feathered shuttlecock, which is coupled with a solid cork head that provides great stability. This is also crafted with top-quality materials, providing high-speed performance, durability, stability, and better control of your shorts. Which is mainly used by intermediate and professional players.


Kawasaki Nylon/Plastic Shuttlecock is designed with high-quality nylon and at slow speed, it is the idle option for beginner players for controlled gameplay. It requires only less power, and the Kawasaki shuttlecock price is affordable without compromising the quality of the cock. 


When compared to other types of shuttlecocks, hybrid shuttlecocks have longer durability due to their plastic skirt and real duck feathers. Because of the lower manufacturing cost, the hybrid shuttlecock is cheaper than the feathered shuttlecock. 


The Kawasaki shuttlecock is the most established brand. If you are searching for a durable shuttlecock, Kawasaki is the best option for beginners, daily training, and expert players. Upgrade your style and badminton experience with Kawasaki badminton shuttlecocks.




Q: Which type of Kawasaki shuttlecock is more durable than others?


The Kawasaki nylon shuttlecock is more durable than the others. It has a plastic head, which provides control during flight.


Q: What is the difference between Kawasaki shuttlecock 8E and 6E?


Kawasaki shuttlecocks 8E are more suitable for beginners. And 6E is more dense and stable.


Q: How many feathers are there in a shuttlecock?


A shuttlecock has 16 feathers, each 62 to 70mm in length, and the cork's diameter is 25 to 28mm.



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