Why Do Most People Choose Hundred Rackets As Their Favourite One

March 28, 2024/Posted by Engagesports/Updated : March 29, 2024
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There are many popular brands of gear available for badminton. Each one has its own pros and cons. If you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro badminton player, it is important to use good quality gear to improve your performance on the court. Initially, you need to find the best badminton gear that suits your playing style and level.

Do you know Hundred brand in badminton?

Hundred is a new brand from Sunlight Sports. Which is robust and available at a competitive price. It has many features, which is the reason to buy this brand by many players. 


What are the reasons to buy a hundred rackets?


The common reasons to buy a hundred rackets are:

  1. Head-Heavy Design: Hundred’s racket has a head heavy design to enhance its power potential on the badminton court. The racket made with advanced string at this lowest price range is worth buying. 
  2. Flexible Shaft: It has a flexible shaft, which is ideal for smash defense and allows the players to play with precision. Hence, the player can showcase their best performance while playing badminton on the court.
  3. Customizable String Tension: Hundred rackets have maximum racket string tension and offer the potential for higher shot power and responsiveness.
  4. Thin Grip for Enhanced Control: This racket offers grip features that help the players control the play.
  5. Robust: The Hundred racket is robust and perfect for intermediate players who want to learn balance while maintaining quality play, which is durable because of its robust features.


These Hundred’s shuttle bats are available in the market; you can also buy them online. In the UAE, you can buy different models of Hundred’s racket at Engage Sports. There, they have a badminton superstore inside the arena. You can buy your favourite and perfect Hundred badminton racket here with the help of an experienced professional. They will guide you to choose the perfect one that suits your level of play. Engage Sports’ badminton superstore is the leading badminton gear store.



Benefits of Hundred Rackets


Durability: The Hundred shuttle bat is durable due to the strong material used and its advanced string. It can handle high tension and powerful impacts. Hence, it is a useful choice for beginners and intermediate players.


Appearance: It’s look is attractive and liked by many players. It can be available in different colours, so you can select your favourite colour. 


Lightweight: The racket head has a heavy design, but the frame is lightweight. Hence, the overall weight of the racket is light. So it is easy to handle the racket for frequent smashes. 


Cost-effective: The Hundred racket is available at affordable prices when compared to other rackets. This is the best choice because you will get a quality racket at this price. 


Value for money: It is a high-quality badminton racket with many features, like customizable string tension, a robust, flexible shaft, and more. If you buy this, you won't regret it. 

best hundred rackets in uae


The main and attractive thing about these Hundred rackets is that they are available at a competitive price that everyone can afford. But it doesn’t compromise the quality of the racket. This Hundred shuttle bat is very comfortable to use because of its lightweight feature. Even though it is a new brand, it is already loved by a large number of people. 




Q: What kind of payers would benefit from Hundred racket brand?

It is good for both players, but this racket is mainly suitable for intermediate players and beginners who are learning offensive badminton play. 

Q: Is Hundred a new brand or sub-brand of Li Ning?

Hundred is a new brand from Sunlight Sports. Sunlight Sports Pte Ltd is a multinational distributor of renowned brands like Li-Ning, McDavid, Shock Doctor, etc. 


Q: Which is better, a lightweight or heavy racket?

Differently weighted rackets cater to different playing styles. The heavier racket offers more power in your shots, and the lighter rackets, like Hundred rackets, offer better control. 


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