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The Badminton SuperStore-1st Time in the World

Try before you buy! For the first time in the world, customers can test out our premium quality, branded equipment at the testing court inside the superstore before they buy, to ensure the best purchase! We have completed shifting our pro shop to a unique badminton superstore, so do drop by to see our impressive […]

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Badminton Sparring- 1st Time in the UAE

For the first time in the UAE, you can play with professional players and coaches at the Engage Badminton Court! You can choose from players with beginner to advanced skills. Sharpen your drop, smash, lop, and slicing skills and make use of our top-notch facilities. Since sparring is not a coaching session, you will be […]

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Why Choose us for your Fitness Journey

Why Choose the Engage Sports Arena for your Fitness Journey There are many wonderful and innovative ways for you to explore your own personal fitness journey. As many may recommend hitting the gym, dieting, or detoxing; playing sports regularly is better than anything else. At the Engage Sports, our list of benefits and advantages goes […]

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