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Badminton Sparring- 1st Time in the UAE

For the first time in the UAE, you can play with professional players and coaches at the Engage Badminton Court! You can choose from players with beginner to advanced skills. Sharpen your drop, smash, lop, and slicing skills and make use of our top-notch facilities. Since sparring is not a coaching session, you will be able to receive proper feedback and analysis of your game. You can understand and further develop your game tactics and improve your skills. Sparring requires you to apply your badminton skills in real-time, allowing you to mentally prepare yourself as well as familiarise yourself with different gaming styles. These badminton coaching sessions in AL Qusais let you test out all your skills and help fix any errors in your gameplay. If you’re alone, don’t worry, just give us a call and we’ll fix a game for you.